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I’m called to wrote this pictorial after reading a lot of complaints & an unsolved issues from Ford Focus MK3 – Malaysia Owners Group in Facebook which I’m one of the group’s members.  because I’m super bored this evening. I promised no more wicked start-stop button modification in this pictorial.

If you are a MK3 owner, you should probably faced the same issues. So what we can do to get rid of the foul smell? Just follow my pictorial, hopes it help. But remember, I won’t take any responsibilities for any damages occurred and if there are somebody out there who are about to ask me “will it void warranty?”, “how about MK-II Focus?”, “bang kalau kereta xxx macam mana pulak?” please press Alt-F4 immediately if you are reading it through your computer. (Mobile viewer, please turn off your phone).

Step 1:

Okay you are going to need a lot of working spaces to perform this task (probably Yoga moves also). So, please locate the storage compartment on your passenger side and remove all unnecessary stuff(s) on the floor.


Step 2:

Locate this spot. Pull out the plastic plugs gently & remove the insulator.

New Skitch



Step 3:

You will see this cover on the right side. Pull it out gently following my instructions below. Step 4 in the photo below is not easy, I’m struggling not to break it due to limited space.

remove cover

Step 4:

After you managed to remove the cover. You’ll see the air-cond filter in the slot. Pull it out slowly. You might need to forced it out a bit because it will stuck at the fuse board next to it. (again due to very limited space). If you forced it to much it may torn so please please please be extra careful because it’s made from paper & cotton. (my previous Satria Neo’s filter was made from plastic, can easily wash it with dishwasher)

Pull filter

Remember the Rear and Front of the filter. Because you don’t want to reinstall it in the wrong direction. Because of this..

air flow

Step 5:

Below is the photo of the filter. You might find something that aren’t supposed to be there such as dead insects & etc. After all it’s a filter kan? Clean it up.


Spray some perfume. If you air-cond smells like dead fish, pour the whole bottle.


Step 6:

Re-install the filter. Just reverse the steps and you’ll be fine.

Step 7:

Fire up the engine, turn the air-cond at full blast. Voila!! Now pay me RM50..

-pen off-



PMX-003 The O. (MS Zeta Gundam)


Photo’s Source:

Okeh kali ni aku nak sembang melayu pulak. nanti Rais Yatim tanya “where are you educated?”

Model The O ni adalah High Grade (HG) aku yang pertama. Yup first time aku nak pasang model HG.

Retail price untuk model ni dalam lingkungan RM95 ke RM100. Yang ni aku beli dekat JS Hobby, last stock (kot)

Okay, first of all memang harga dia dah macam Master Grade model, pikir 5-6 kali gak before beli. Memandangkan last stock + dah lama mencari, aku termakan hasutan  Syaitan  hati.

Tanpa membuang masa,

The package:

Box size comparison: It’s Huge!!! untuk sebuah HG. Yup The O ni memang sebuah MS yang besar.

Artwork: 5/10. Maybe disebabkan size The O yg besar ni, artis ‘terpaksa’ korbankan ruang untuk lukis background cantik-cantik. Hahaha!



The Booklet:

Ohsemness: 4.5/10. Okay, mungkin aku melatak harapan yang terlalu tinggi tapi instructions booklet HG The O cuma sekeping kertas panjang yang dilipat kepada 4 pages depan belakang. Tolak dengan artwork & details utk runners, tinggal 3 pages je untuk instructions & hanya 22 steps. But hey, sometimes simple is the best!


The Runners:

Total runners: 10.
Details: 7/10. Aku suka betul tengok pieces atas runners The O ni. BESAR GEDABAK. This is a real bad ass!


Tu dia.. tapak kaki!

Image ImageImageImage

The Decals:

No komen.. Ompek yo! Orang jahat tak payah pakai sticker banyak-banyak. Haha!



Aku suka & actually tak sabar nak siapkan model ni disebabkan ia sangat bontot jahat! Kalau ada rezeki lebih wa nak sambar yg MG plak. Kotak dia dah sama besar dengan Perfect Grade (PG)!

MC Model 1/144 Qubeley Advance.
This shall be my first 3rd party Gundam model or simply referred as bootleg (and 1st entry in English?? LOL) . A bootleg model usually priced lower than the Original (Bandai) due to a lot of reasons, such as plastic quality, color separation, snap fitting & precision. I’m quite sceptical with a bootleg models after read a lot of negative comments from multiple buyers around the world, but there a few manufacturer of bootleg models who got a very good reputation and some even better than Bandai, and MC Model is one of them. So, I dared my self to purchase not one but two unit of MC Model’s 1/144 Qubeley Advance. (yes you read it right, two units)

So let’s unbox it shall we?

The box artwork

Box size comparison

It’s actually quite big for a 1:144 scaled model. As big as a Master Grade (MG)’s kit box.


My freelance model..


Inner Box

The way they packed their products is quite impressive. I liked it!

20140113_120352 20140113_120426

The Runners 

20140113_120750 20140113_120948 20140113_121326 20140113_121348 20140113_121443 20140113_121528 20140113_121607 20140113_121613 20140113_121620 20140113_121645 20140113_121702 20140113_121713 20140113_121737

First batch premium item

The kit that I bought was come with a 1st batch premium item which is an action stand and 10 sets of funnel effect. It comes in clear color, so that you can paint it to your liking or just leave it like that.

20140113_121034 20140113_121059 20140113_121758

The Decals
Just a normal foil sticker that you can found in almost HG kit & a set of water transfer decal which was printed reversely. MC Model claimed that it supposed to be applied faced down.

The Instructions booklet.

Something that should be complimented. MC Model are know to produced a very good & beautiful instruction booklets with glossy paper. Just viewing it makes me so excited.


Last but not least, the additional parts that improved the articulation point. I purchased it separately as it not included in the kit. Some of the review I read mentioned that some of the body part articulation points are bad due to the sophisticated detailing. Why? The detailed it was designed the more complex it will be & to make it moveable is a very tough challenges!



So. that’s all about it. I’ll cover the work in progress & completed model in the next entry (soon)

-pen off-


Hi all,

Arini sbg visiting doctor writer, aku nk share trip kami di KK baru2 ni. This gonna be a loooooonnnnggggggg post. So, kalo rajen baca lah smp abis.

Kami pg KK on 9th-12th Jan 2013.

Day 1: Arrival @8:25pm

Since kami smp mlm, tggu keta sewa sampai lg sume, so tak larat nk menyinggah mane2 arini. Dinner pon in-flight meal by AA. Plus, 1/2 day punye penat keje td tak hilang lg.

1st info: Kami cari keta sewa kt (Viva). Mula2 dia offer rm90/day. Tp kami minta diskaun (terer plak tetiba si hapipi tu tawar menawar) same org tu sbb 1st day kami dah smp mlm, last day pon xsampai 24jam, kami minta rm270 je spnjg berada kt sane. Org tu pon kate, ON! Dia akan anta and amik keta kt airport, so if korg dtg sini, korg kena ade GPS or Google Map or Waze. No tel org tu: 016-8407102 (namanye si hapipi tak igt, pasal dia save as “Keta sewa KK”, pastu dia pggl org tu Bro aje). Tips: Selalu beringat, kalo ada sewa keta, kalo si owner tnye “stay hotel mane?”, jgn jujur sgt, ckp je hotel lain. Ini bukan kalo uols pg KK je, pg mane2 jelah pon. Takut2 la ade yg xjujur, mlm2 dia pg dtg hotel, bwk kunci spare bwk lari kereta sendiri, korg yg kena tanggung.

2nd info: Kami stay kt Tune. Ade org xberapa prefer Tune sbb sempit. So far, kitorg ok je tune sbb mmg jd tmpt tido, rehat and mandi je. TV pon kami tak amik. Ok, here’s the tips: Kalo korg nk stay Tune, book tru online siap2 sbb far far far lebih murah dr walk-in (diakui sendiri oleh reception Tune “potong kepala” katanye). Tp kalo xnk Tune xpe, kami suggest korg dtg sini dok je kt hotel2 yg attached dgn 1Borneo ni. sonang. Ade 4 hotel kt 1borneo, salah satunye Tune. lg 3 tu korg google lah sbb tak igt aku.

Day 2: Ke Kundasang

1. Breakfast @Fook Yuen’s Gaya Street. Ni bukan2 saje terjah, I study dulu ok. Nak pg mkn mane kt KK. Dijamin halal. Signbod halal pon sebosa alam, tak nmpk tak taulah nk kate. Tips: kalo nk senang, nnt parking kt Menara Jubilee je. Fook Yuen kt Ground Floor dia. Mula2 smp, mcm er tak reti ah nk order cane sume, tp I mmg jenis xtau tnye. So cara order: Korg amik je ape2 nk mkn, kalo benda yg korg nk mkn xde kt situ (cth roti kawen), korg leh order kt cashier, air pon order kt cashier. Nnt dah byr, korg menepek la dpn tmpt amik air tu. MUST TRY: DIMSUM, ROTI KAWEN, KOPI TARIK (AIS), KUEWTIAO GORENG (mula2 tak amik pon sbb nmpk dull je, tp sbb sume org amik mkn tu, kami pon amik – don’t judge a book by its cover)

2. Menuju ke Kundasang. Odw, korg akan jumpa rumah terbalik on ur left, tp weols decided nk teruskan perjalanan ke Kundasang. Rumah terbalik tu esok aje. Tips: Agk2 dah mula smp kt mendaki bukit, kalo tak hujan, xde lori di hadapan, buka lah tingkap kenderaan anda, nikmatilah udara yg fifteen so fresh so clean, hijau2, kabus, bunyi unggas di hutan (fresh air kan, jimat myk sikit mendaki bukit). kami tapau roti kawen n dimsum kt Fook Yuen pasal sedap sgt. Tp kalo uols nk lunch kt Kundasang, aku dah buat study awl2, korg boleh la try Restoran Hidayah (berdepan dgn restoran intan)

pemandangan kundasang

3. Visit Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Before check in hotel, singgah tgk lombu susu kt sini dulu. Ini tempat org panggil NZ Msia. Uols mesti dah tgk kan gamba2 Iols yg byk upload aritu kan. Masuk sini: RM4/adult. Kami amik kira adult ticket je spjg kt KK ni, pasal Hani kecik lg bwh 3thn, so kompem sume entrance pon free. MUST DO: CAMWHORE, BG ANAK KAMBING & ANAK LEMBU MKN RUMPUT & MINOM SUSU, TGK PROSES PERAHAN SUSU LEMBU (between 2-3pm). Mesti korg rs teruja tgk lembu tu cukup masa, dia beratur ramai2 nk perah susu. Lembu pon pandai Q, kesian kt segelintir manusia yg aggp beratur itu buang masa. MUST TRY: FRESH MILK (BOTH ORI & CHOC FLAVOR). Aku suka yg choc, sbb manis nye acceptable, bukan potong kaki mcm selalu ade kt supermarket tu. Sape yg berani jiwa kental, boleh la minom yg Ori, sbb rasanya mcm minom direct dr lembu susu itu.


4. Check-in Kinabalu Pine Resort. View hotel ni mmg cantik tertarik debomb. Kalo rs kaya lebih, boleh la kot pg Mt.Kinabalu Resort n Spa tu, tp utk org yg ade2 mcm kami, sini kira affordable lah. Kami mmg recommend uols kalo dtg sini stay kt hotel ni. Sbb dia view best, affordable, luar bilik cantik, tak batu semata2 (mcm hotel2 tggi lain), in-house hotel dijamin halal, Wifi laju gile. TIPS: Tlgla jgn walk-in, sbb hotel ni sentiasa penoh. Aku book hotel ni tru Agoda je. sng. hanya click di hujung jari.

biliktyperoom pineresort rabbit house

5. Dinner @Restoran Intan. Org semenanjung kalo dtg sini, kebanyakkannye mesti dinner sini. So, iols pon pg la jugak. Okaylah, mknnnye not bad. Sedap jugak, ade perasaan. Kami order Ns Goreng Kampong telur mata, Soto campur, Air panas (sbb sane sejuk malam): Kopi 2, Air Bandung: RM19. Before balik bilik, kami tapau Sayap (Ciken Wing Madu) sblh restoran tu. Kwn aku (local), kalo dtg Kundasang, sila silalah mkn ciken wing nye. Pas mkn xde p mane2 dah, sbb area situ dah xde ape, mcm mlm je. Benar org ckp, smp Kundasang, jgn mengharapkan night life, sbb tu dieorg suh enjoy kesejukan mlm di balcony bilik. Kalo ade pon gerai yg msh bukak, gerai2 jual sayur n buah2an, tepi jalan tu.

End of 2nd night. Tak berjalan byk kt Kundasang pasal penat, mula2 smp KK tak biasa jalan, byk ditipu Waze and Kundasang boleh tahan jauhnya.

Day 3: Return to KK

1. Hapipi bangun awal gile. Kompiden nk tgk sunrise, tp xnmpk pon. Agknye dah tutup sama itu Mt. Kinabalu. Huiiiii, tp mlm tido merengkot. sejukkk ooiiiii. Kami breaksfast @ in-house restaurant je. Okaylah, mcm breakfast pg kt umah, ade ns goreng, telur dadar, sosej, roti, buah.. jgnla expect yg bergerai2 bagai mcm kt Hotel Sunway Pyramid tower tu kan. Lepas tu kami sightseeing and breathtaking keindahan alam di sekitar hotel. Tgk Mt.Kinabalu pagi2 buta, 1 word: AMAZING. Pastu ade  rabbit house! wait, jgn esaited sgt. Ade 3 ketol je pon rabbitnye. LOL

2. Check out, sebelum balik KK, kami singgah ke Kundasang War Memorial. RM2/adult. Sini ade 3 jenis taman. Borneo/Australian/English Garden. Nnt kt atas tu, boleh nmpk town Kundasang.

kundasang war memorial

3. Singgah Singgah Rumah Terbalik. Rm10/adult. Ok, sini korg boleh amik gmba luar rumah je, dlm rumah xboleh amik. nnt kena denda rm100/photo selain gmba akan dipadam. So, sekali masuk 15 org je dlm umah tu. Dah mcm tour jugak, nnt dia explain la cerita dlm umah tu. Pastu lunch @Mango Garden Restaurant (next to Rumah terbalik je) Qi hensem (jjcm) dah smp sini pon. Hahaha. Local cuisine under 1 roof. Tp syg, byk signature dish yg abis b4 pukul 1pm. Order jela pape yg tinggal, tp semuanya sedap sedap. MUST TRY: WATAN HOR FUN, DAENG KINABALU & CASATA. Sebelum smp KK town, kononnya nk try mkn Lokan Bakar, Kelapa Bakar & Kelapa Jelly (yg lain drpd yg lain kt Semenanjung tu) kt Jln Sulaman, tp I pg cari2 review – ade cleanliness issue, ade yg mkn jelly dah rs len mcm, ade yg kena tipu ms byr, so, weols cancel jela. Tp kalo uols xkisah, pg jelah. nnt kalo sodap betul bgtau eh? next time kami pergi terjah jugak lah.

rumahterbalik mango garden

4. Mengganas di 4 Pasar: Pasar Kraftangan, Pasar Ikan Masin, Pasar Seafood & Pasar Malam Sinsuran. Mula2 kami pg Pasar Kraftangan, sini mmg mahaii oiii. Berbaloi pg kalo nk beli kraftangan yg unik2, seni2 tu lah. Sini fridge magnet (rm10/3), tp kalo rajin tnye kt setiap kedai mcm aku ni, dptlah FM rm10/4. Itu pon puas aku tawar menawar, kalo beli byk nk sekian  harga, tp ternyata mereka ini mmg peniaga berjiwa kental. Byk lg mat saleh mampu beli. Sini byk gelang mutiara air masin, which is mahal sikit lah hrganya compared to gelang mutiara yg jual kt psr mlm sinsuran tu. Kemudian, kami bergerak ke psr ikan masin plak, beli ikan bilis, udang kering, kopok sotong etc. Okay, sini uols jgn terkejut tgk hrga atas plastic dah siap2 packing tu – mebi itu utk foreigner kot? atas plastic letak RM43 utk stgh kilo, tp bila kita tnye. RM15 je.huiiiii, geram uols tgk ikan bilis yg cantik2 iteww. TIPS:  Ade kedai yg korg boleh minta dia re-pack. cthnye korg nk beli 1/2kilo je, tp nk buat sobenir utk 3org (home, mommy, mommy in law misalnye), korg boleh mintak org tu re-pack 3 plastic. Tak sume kedai ok. Cari lah kalo rajen.

5. Penat ah. Singgah minom kelapa jap pasal pasar seafood mkn2 tu start from 5pm. Tunggu punya tunggu, agak2 meja sume dah setup, bergegas pg ke area yg jual2 seafood bakor tu. Kami kebetulan je pg gerai no.5, pasal dia bukak plg awal. Sangka kami, gerainye ramai sbb dia bukak awal, rupanya yg local pon suka mkn situ sbb sedap (overheard perbualan depa yg bwk tourist dr smenanjung). Kat sini pestaim weols mkn itu rumpai laut and collagen, rupa tak pyh cerita, tp rs dia. uiiiiii, sedap jugak. penambah selera katanye. Dia mcm belacan/budu/cencalok/sambal daun versi org sane. So, kalo korg dtg sini. Cari kedai NO.5 Ok. tgk betul2 sbb papan tandanye cenonet aje. Dia punya kuah asam, dia punya rempah cili seafood bakor nye tu, taste puuuurrrfeeeccttt (utk sy yg bambam ni). MUST TRY: KERABU RUMPAI LAUT & COLLAGEN

6. Pasar Malam Sinsuran (start pukul 5pm above) Lepas dinner, kami terus p sini. Kt sini worth utk beli FM, keychain, gelang2 mutiara, brooch dan seumpamanya. Kalo korg jd 1st customer mereka, selalu nye boleh tekan sikit lah diskaun tu pasal dia akan bg special price (Org bandung kate, pecah telur). Boleh plak la kan Hani poop plak sini. terpksa la I cr toilet (boleh tahan bersih toilet awam kt psr mlm sinsuran tu). Huiii, yg buat haku hangin, ms flush jamban tu, boleh plak air jamban terlampau deras smp tercurah2 kt seluar jeans I. dem, geli siot. So, berhati2 ok kalo terguna jamban situ.

7. Window shopping @1Borneo hypermall (saje buang masa since hotel dah attached dgn mall ni kan). Kebetulan ms dtg sini ade pesta buku Popular, so dpt la beli 1 buku kucing utk si Hani. Iols suka betul pg kedai Kaison. sbb dia best dan MURAH. kedai kaison tu mcm kedai..erm, taktau nk explain. dtg sini ajelah ok? hahahahaha. Si hapipi pg borong paper clip yg warna warni tu, ngan magnetic clip. Nk bg Hani belajar kenal warna (tiru style blogger yg dah jd viral kt pesbuk baru2 ini)

cat book

End of 3rd night – pasai Hani pon dah tertidur dlm stroller sambil pegang chupa chup.

Day 4 – Departure

1. Pagi2 lagi dah kua. Nak pg Gaya Street, Sunday Market (start from 6am-1pm). Tips: Park keta kt Wisma Jubilee tu aje sng. Cis, Gaya Street ni lg best dr pasar malam sinsuran. Tp nk buat cane, aku dah pokai since semalam ms mengganas kt Pasar 4 Beradik tu. Sini aku beli err cincin? (sbb dia comel bentuk ribbon, okbye), sejenis pencil (sbb nk kasi hani dok ontok2 (duduk diam2 bhs ruminye)), adelah sikit dompet kecil2, penambah2 FM n keychain, gelang mutiara (ceh td kata dah pokai smlm? ATM dekat ajo).

2. Breakfast @Kedai Kopi Kak Tini. Dia dekat dgn Monumen ape ntah, tp still dlm kwsn Gaya Street Sunday Market tu. Kami smp sini pukul 9am. Kedai ni sgt terkenal dgn ns kuning nye, sotonye and pisang gorengnye (ade kata plg sodap kt KK). Tp smp2 ns kuning dah abis, pisang goreng xde. Rupa2nya, kata kwn sy, Cinoi itu, ns kuning kalo nk, kena dtg at 7am sbb by 730 dah abis. Pisang goreng plak kul 3pm. Huhuhu. tpksa la kami mkn soto aje. Sedappp jugakk (ah, bak kata ayah den.. kau ni kalo tang mkn, apo yo yg tak sodap). Pastu ade mamat jual pau. Tnye dia pau ape ade, pau kicap, pau pandan, pau kaya, etc.. Aku cam, haaaahh?? pau kicap? Pastu dia kata oh, pau kicap itu pau kari ayam. hehehe. So, kt sini: MUST TRY: SOTO, NS KUNING & PISANG GORENG (walaupon xdpt rs, aku rs mesti sedap sbb sold out awal sgt)

3. Sblm memulakan xtvt seterusnya, kami tapau dimsum kt Fook Yuen siap2 utk lunch. Mula2 plan nk lunch kt Restoran Masakan Sedap (Qi dah pg sini jugak), tp hapipi kata nk tapau dimsum utk mkn2 saje, I tak boleh tahan jugak. I tapau byk2 pastu nk cover line, I kate ok xpyh lunch. lunch dinsum je. Mula2 kami pg kt Green Connection Aquarium, pastu cam sunyiiii je. Tak jadi masuk. Pastu dah smp baru terpikir nk tgk tripAdvisor, review dia teruk sgt. So, kami cancel je. Teruskan perjalan pg KK City Waterfront Boardwalk. Xde ape pon, cuma laut view. N ade kedai Hard Rock Shop KK style cabin shop. Kedai ni sementara je katanye, sbb menunggu shopping mall baru tgh dlm pembinaan kt sebelahnye tu. Dia ckp nnt mall tu dah siap, baru ade Hard Rock Café skali, mengadap laut view. Kalo xde aral melintang, end of this year siap la kot.

dinsum kkwaterfront

4. Sightseeing @Jesselton Point. So, sape2 nk pg island hoping, or scuba diving or xtvt kepulauan, mmg sini lah tempatnye. Tp weols tak pg pulau pon, saje2 tgk org memancing. Heh and tgk gamba2 lama Jesselton Point dulu2.

jesselton point

5. Nak buang masa lg, kami pg Centre Point KK plak. Si Hapipi nk pg cari kedai Gundam. ceh, tgh melancong pon masih memikirkan toys. Sini kalo di Kolumpo, namenye Sg.Wang Plaza. Sekian.

6. Dah penat jalan (sbb hapipi pg parking kt Asia City), kemudian berjalan kaki ke KK City Waterfront tu, kendian pg ke Centre point plak…fuiiiiiii…. penat, td cincin yg I beli, elok2 ketat, terus longgar. (org KK je tau kejauhan itu). cincin jela longgar, yg seluar jeans xde lak rs mcm dah loose. Kami terus balik ke Tune. sblm smp bilik, singgah lg 1Borneo, pasal aku nk repeat beli brg kt Kaison (sbb dia best dan MURAH – td dah ckp kan?). Kemudian, balik bilik, kemas2 brg.. rehat2..check out hotel by 630pm. Tips: Road traffic di KK adelah diluar jangkaan, jd advisenye jika kamu mau catch flight, sila la keluar lebih awal.

7. Dinner kt airport je sbb Hani pon dah tido. Dinner kt kepci je sbb tu je pilihan yg ado. Pastu mkn tak abis. Aku soh hapipi pg mintak plastic kt cashier dpn (td ms beli mkn, aku yg p belikan). Aku ckp kt dia, pg yg cashier tgh, budak tu mmg baik n ramah. LOL! hapipi bwk plastic n kotak muka sambil merah2 sbb cashier tu ramai2 serbu dia tnye “abg nk mkn ape, ayam ape?”. Dia ckp, padan la awk kata baik2 ramah2, cashier lelaki tu pkai lipstic (hmm paham2 ajelah ye), terus serbu sy. Hmm, nk kate dia kacak lettew. Okay, ms utk pulang ke Tanah pencarian rejeki.

End of our KK trip story. Hah. penat tak baca? hahahahahaha. Tahniah kerana anda Berjaya baca smp habis.

Kesimpulannye, KK mmg terlalu byk sgt point of interest. So advise aku, kalo uols nk ke sini, plan properly ur trip. Kalo rs nk hiking, focus to hiking. Kalo nk ke pulau, focus ke pulau. Kalo nk tgk wildlife and nature, focus ke situ je. Kalo nk tau perihal sejarah, focus ke sejarah. Kalo nk soping, focus ke shopping paradise nye. Kalo nk mkn2, focus ke makan2 point yg tak terkira itu. Kalo nk buat semua in one shot, rasanye uols kena dok Sabah sebulan. Baru dpt cover sume. ok?

Sekian, update blog ini yg setahun sekali,

Miramy Adnan