How To Get Rid The Famous 10-Seconds-Smelly-Air-Cond Problem In Your MK-III Focus?

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m called to wrote this pictorial after reading a lot of complaints & an unsolved issues from Ford Focus MK3 – Malaysia Owners Group in Facebook which I’m one of the group’s members.  because I’m super bored this evening. I promised no more wicked start-stop button modification in this pictorial.

If you are a MK3 owner, you should probably faced the same issues. So what we can do to get rid of the foul smell? Just follow my pictorial, hopes it help. But remember, I won’t take any responsibilities for any damages occurred and if there are somebody out there who are about to ask me “will it void warranty?”, “how about MK-II Focus?”, “bang kalau kereta xxx macam mana pulak?” please press Alt-F4 immediately if you are reading it through your computer. (Mobile viewer, please turn off your phone).

Step 1:

Okay you are going to need a lot of working spaces to perform this task (probably Yoga moves also). So, please locate the storage compartment on your passenger side and remove all unnecessary stuff(s) on the floor.


Step 2:

Locate this spot. Pull out the plastic plugs gently & remove the insulator.

New Skitch



Step 3:

You will see this cover on the right side. Pull it out gently following my instructions below. Step 4 in the photo below is not easy, I’m struggling not to break it due to limited space.

remove cover

Step 4:

After you managed to remove the cover. You’ll see the air-cond filter in the slot. Pull it out slowly. You might need to forced it out a bit because it will stuck at the fuse board next to it. (again due to very limited space). If you forced it to much it may torn so please please please be extra careful because it’s made from paper & cotton. (my previous Satria Neo’s filter was made from plastic, can easily wash it with dishwasher)

Pull filter

Remember the Rear and Front of the filter. Because you don’t want to reinstall it in the wrong direction. Because of this..

air flow

Step 5:

Below is the photo of the filter. You might find something that aren’t supposed to be there such as dead insects & etc. After all it’s a filter kan? Clean it up.


Spray some perfume. If you air-cond smells like dead fish, pour the whole bottle.


Step 6:

Re-install the filter. Just reverse the steps and you’ll be fine.

Step 7:

Fire up the engine, turn the air-cond at full blast. Voila!! Now pay me RM50..

-pen off-



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