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PMX-003 The O. (MS Zeta Gundam)


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Okeh kali ni aku nak sembang melayu pulak. nanti Rais Yatim tanya “where are you educated?”

Model The O ni adalah High Grade (HG) aku yang pertama. Yup first time aku nak pasang model HG.

Retail price untuk model ni dalam lingkungan RM95 ke RM100. Yang ni aku beli dekat JS Hobby, last stock (kot)

Okay, first of all memang harga dia dah macam Master Grade model, pikir 5-6 kali gak before beli. Memandangkan last stock + dah lama mencari, aku termakan hasutan  Syaitan  hati.

Tanpa membuang masa,

The package:

Box size comparison: It’s Huge!!! untuk sebuah HG. Yup The O ni memang sebuah MS yang besar.

Artwork: 5/10. Maybe disebabkan size The O yg besar ni, artis ‘terpaksa’ korbankan ruang untuk lukis background cantik-cantik. Hahaha!



The Booklet:

Ohsemness: 4.5/10. Okay, mungkin aku melatak harapan yang terlalu tinggi tapi instructions booklet HG The O cuma sekeping kertas panjang yang dilipat kepada 4 pages depan belakang. Tolak dengan artwork & details utk runners, tinggal 3 pages je untuk instructions & hanya 22 steps. But hey, sometimes simple is the best!


The Runners:

Total runners: 10.
Details: 7/10. Aku suka betul tengok pieces atas runners The O ni. BESAR GEDABAK. This is a real bad ass!


Tu dia.. tapak kaki!

Image ImageImageImage

The Decals:

No komen.. Ompek yo! Orang jahat tak payah pakai sticker banyak-banyak. Haha!



Aku suka & actually tak sabar nak siapkan model ni disebabkan ia sangat bontot jahat! Kalau ada rezeki lebih wa nak sambar yg MG plak. Kotak dia dah sama besar dengan Perfect Grade (PG)!


MC Model 1/144 Qubeley Advance.
This shall be my first 3rd party Gundam model or simply referred as bootleg (and 1st entry in English?? LOL) . A bootleg model usually priced lower than the Original (Bandai) due to a lot of reasons, such as plastic quality, color separation, snap fitting & precision. I’m quite sceptical with a bootleg models after read a lot of negative comments from multiple buyers around the world, but there a few manufacturer of bootleg models who got a very good reputation and some even better than Bandai, and MC Model is one of them. So, I dared my self to purchase not one but two unit of MC Model’s 1/144 Qubeley Advance. (yes you read it right, two units)

So let’s unbox it shall we?

The box artwork

Box size comparison

It’s actually quite big for a 1:144 scaled model. As big as a Master Grade (MG)’s kit box.


My freelance model..


Inner Box

The way they packed their products is quite impressive. I liked it!

20140113_120352 20140113_120426

The Runners 

20140113_120750 20140113_120948 20140113_121326 20140113_121348 20140113_121443 20140113_121528 20140113_121607 20140113_121613 20140113_121620 20140113_121645 20140113_121702 20140113_121713 20140113_121737

First batch premium item

The kit that I bought was come with a 1st batch premium item which is an action stand and 10 sets of funnel effect. It comes in clear color, so that you can paint it to your liking or just leave it like that.

20140113_121034 20140113_121059 20140113_121758

The Decals
Just a normal foil sticker that you can found in almost HG kit & a set of water transfer decal which was printed reversely. MC Model claimed that it supposed to be applied faced down.

The Instructions booklet.

Something that should be complimented. MC Model are know to produced a very good & beautiful instruction booklets with glossy paper. Just viewing it makes me so excited.


Last but not least, the additional parts that improved the articulation point. I purchased it separately as it not included in the kit. Some of the review I read mentioned that some of the body part articulation points are bad due to the sophisticated detailing. Why? The detailed it was designed the more complex it will be & to make it moveable is a very tough challenges!



So. that’s all about it. I’ll cover the work in progress & completed model in the next entry (soon)

-pen off-